How it works

The King loves to receive gifts !

On the King is the one who pays the most. In exchange for this money, the King deserves to be spoken of in a positive light. Members of the WHOSDAKING community who promote the King in a positive way are rewarded.

In exchange for this promotion, the money paid by the King is distributed to all active members of the community according to their actions to promote the King.

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The King loves to receive gifts !

Get your Social Networks verified

When a member performs an action in favor of the King, we manually check that the action has been performed.
To assign this task to the right member, we need to check each of the reported social networks.
So, declare and have as many of your accounts verified as possible with just a few clicks.

Perform tasks

Take action, speak well of the King, and be rewarded for it. These actions can be as simple as liking a tweet from the King, or more complicated, like writing an article on a website, creating a video on Youtube or a live stream on Twitch. The more complicated the task, the more you will be rewarded.

Get rewarded

Rewards are in the form of points. Each point entitles the player to a share of the King's treasure. If you have 15% of all the points distributed, then you will get 15% of the treasure. The payment of your reward is done once the King has been dethroned by another. At that point, all your points are reset to zero and a new campaign begins for the new King.