The Treasure Chest

Share in the King's Treasure !

To become the King, you have to make a treasure available to the members. All those who perform promotional tasks for the King will be eligible for a part of the treasure.

The value of the current treasure is $200

To claim a share of the treasure, all you have to do is choose an action from this list, and once it has been validated by a moderator, points are awarded to you. These points allow each member to be assigned a certain percentage that will determine the portion of the treasure that will be offered.

The treasure will be distributed once the King has been dethroned by another King.

Once the King is dethroned and the treasure is distributed, all members' points are reset to zero. Indeed, the points correspond to the promotional actions towards the current King.
The treasure chest

An example of calculation

John promoted The King on Twitter, and on Facebook, and then created a video on Tiktok to talk about Thanks to these actions, he accumulates a total of 150 points.

The entire community has taken actions for a total of 1000 points accumulated.

John therefore holds 15% of all points accumulated by members.

If the King is dethroned at that time, John will be offered 15% of the value of the King's treasure.

Simply, if the King doesn't get dethroned yet and John stops his promotion actions, his share may decrease if other members gain points later.